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We’re happy to try and answer any questions you have. If you don’t see your question in the list below, email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If your question bewilders us or involves trigonometry, we’ll find someone with the answer and pass it on to you (though it might take a little longer). Below are some common Qs.


How does GATO work?

You fill out your order online at by noon on Sunday. 

We roast your coffee on Monday.

If you live in the town of Salida, we’ll bring it to you Wednesday (see our delivery protocols here). If you live beyond Salida, we’ll ship it to you priority mail and you’ll receive it within a few days. 


When should I grind and drink my coffee for the very best taste?

You’ll find a lot of different opinions on this point, but our rule of thumb is that fresh-roasted coffee needs to rest for at least 24 hours before you grind, brew and drink it (optimal wait time is a few days). When you receive your coffee from Gato, it will have made it through the resting window and will be ready for you to enjoy.


Why do you only offer a medium and a medium-dark roast?

So, back to the original question: At GATO, we prefer to drink a medium to medium-dark roast. We think these offer the best balance of body, acidity and complexity of flavor. They preserve the beans’ character but pull out their potential by coaxing them to a mid-range temperature. We want to taste the bean and the roast — not just the bean, not just the roast. Of course, everyone has their own taste preferences. You just have to know what you like. 


My coffee just showed up but what if I don’t want to drink it right away?

Call us immediately and we’ll get through this together.

Ok, kidding, but as a micro-roaster, we do time the roasting, delivery and shipping of our coffee so it’s ready for you to grind and enjoy as soon as it arrives. Our sincere wish is that you do exactly that — but if for some reason you have to wait, store your beans in a dark, truly airtight container, somewhere cool—moisture, light, heat and air will all wreak serious havoc. Grind your beans and drink your coffee as soon as you can. (ie. 2 weeks? Too late. We’re talking 5-7 days max.)


Should I freeze my coffee?

No. Just  – no.

We know. Our parents did it, too. But freezer burn is for real and you do not want to drink it. Instead, we suggest buying less and more often. Consider a GATO subscription.


How does a GATO subscription work?

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