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Our current Buck-a-Bag Non-Profit

Greater Arkansas River
Nature Association

The wild meadows, peaks, rivers, and canyons in our Arkansas River Valley  backyard are among the most scenic and pristine in the state and the country. That’s how most of us ended up in the "Ark Valley" — let’s escape to our vacation spot and call it home. That’s why we’ve chosen the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA) as our latest Buck-A-Bag partner. GARNA works hard to protect our local wild spaces through stewardship and education.

Local federal agencies must maintain a colossal 250,000 acres of public lands on a shoestring. With its dedicated volunteer pool, GARNA works alongside public land managers to monitor and repair campsites, kiosks, trails and signage. They also help wildlife biologists map and track invasive species.

GARNA's Youth Ecological Literacy Program helps kids understand what they’re protecting and why. Through Community Education Programs and clubs such as the Birding, Hiking, Photography and Book Clubs, as well as guided hikes, composting and recycling programs, residents and visitors alike learn about the valley’s natural resources, water management, public lands management and sustainability.

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