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These Kids are Headed to Carnegie Hall

Andre Wilkins, the choir and music director at Salida High School, starts every performance with three key points that say a lot about the kind of mentor he is. First he thanks the custodial staff specifically for making the school look great and school staff in general for making the performance possible. Then he thanks parents and kids and for making music a priority. And he also makes the point that nearly all the big name singers, stadium filling bands and actors we love to watch got their start in a high school music or drama program.

Usually you have to wait until you’re one of those famous stars before you sing Carnegie Hall. Or your high school choir's audition can top hundreds from schools nationwide. Salida High School’s choir did just that, and is headed to Carnegie Hall this Spring to perform with select schools from around the county.

You can help support that trip to New York just by ordering coffee. Brew it up and listen to some music that probably started in a small school music program with great kids and a cool director.

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