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Buck-a-Bag — Charitable Donations for Non-Profits

From coffee to clothing to credenzas, making stuff costs the planet. In addition to being as sustainable as we can, Gato gives a Buck-a-Bag to environmental and social causes. 
Guidestone Colorado

Guidestone Colorado is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that's strategies and programming are founded upon the belief that if individuals are exposed to experiences on local farms and ranches, that exposure results in a growing appreciation for where our food comes from and the commitment and resources needed to produce food locally. As a result of that appreciation, those individuals will then make choices that support and increase the capacity of the local food system. The result of these choices will be resilient local food systems, healthier communities, and a vibrant future for local agriculture.

Salida Mountain Trails (SMT) is an all volunteer organization committed to building and maintaining sustainable, non-motorized, multi-user trails on public lands near the city of Salida. As a 501c3 not for profit all of the funds raised through membership, personal and corporate donations goes to build and maintain quality trail. SMT is working to create an high-quality, varied and extensive trail system that's designed for all users from pedestrian only paths to downhill oriented flow trails. Additionally SMT works to build parking areas, access points and kiosks and strives to make sure that the network of trails is well mapped and signed. To date, we have created more than 50 miles of single trails on city, county, BLM and National Forrest property. We have amassed more than 2000 hours of volunteer trail building and maintenance efforts. 

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